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Warranty Info



SUBJECT: Warranty



MODELS: All Solo Models


1.      Warranty Time Period and Coverage


  1. Consumer use –

Handheld Sprayers 456 & 430 series                              5 Years

                             LCS series                                       3 Years

                             ECS, CI, HD, 456F, 457F                  1 Year

Trimmers, Chain Saws and Air Blowers                         2 Years

Backpack Sprayers, Mistblowers, Spreader                     1 Year

One Hand Sprayer 418, 419                                           6 Months

                             415                                                  90 Days

  1. Commercial Use –

Chain Saws, Trimmers, Air Blowers                               2 Years

Backpack and Handheld Sprayers, Spreader                   1 Year

Mistblowers                                                                  1 Year

  1. Flexible shaft for trimmer models 105 and 106                 Lifetime
  2. The Limited Warranty extends to the original purchaser of Solo equipment and

Commences on the date of the original retail purchase. Proof of purchase is the

Owner’s responsibility.

       e.   Solo powered Strikemaster Ice Augers (engine only)     2 Years

2.      Warranty Claims


Warranty Claims may be submitted on several different forms:

                              Solo Warranty Claim Request

                              Outdoor Power Equipment Institute Universal Warranty Claim

                              Engine Service Association Claim

Warranty claims must be received within 60 days of the date of repair.

3.      Authorized Warranty Service Facilities


Warranty Service may be performed by:

                              Solo Dealer

                              Solo Distributor

                              Authorized Solo Service Center

                              Authorized Solo powered Strikemaster Ice Auger Dealer or Distributor

4.       Warranty Procedures


Solo’s warranty policy is to replace or repair the parts found defective in material or

Workmanship. Contact Solo before making repairs that exceed 50% of the

dealer cost of the equipment.

a.       In most instances warranty claims are handled with no questions regarding

Their validity. However, some requests are not justified.

b.       Excluded from warranty – normal wear and tear, incidental, indirect or

Consequential damages as outlined in the warranty disclaimer paragraph.

Cleaning and adjusting carburetors is not covered.

             c.    Suggestions:

1.       Inform customer of needed repairs that are not warranty before making


2.       Make the repair; replace only parts necessary to accomplish a satisfactory

Repair. Claim only parts found to be defective in material or workmanship.

3.       Complete the claim form, being careful to include all requested information.

Don’t forget model/serial numbers.

5.      Parts Used for Warranty Claims


  1. The following parts are to be tagged and saved until warranty is approved – all

pistons, cylinders, electronic ignition components, crankshafts and carburetors.

When an unusual problem or failure occurs, return the affected parts.

  1. Warranty Labor – Warranty labor credits are calculated using Solo Flat Rate

Labor Manual which can be obtained from Solo distributors or Solo Inc.

6.      Items Not Covered by Warranty:


       a.   Any indirect or consequential damages that may result from the failure or malfunction of the Solo

            product. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages

            so these limitations may not apply to you.

       b.   Normal service requirements arising during the warranty period such as carburetor or ignition

            adjustment, cleaning, normal wear, lubrication, spark plugs, filters, starter ropes, etc.

  1. Normal service work over and above the repair or replacement of defective parts.
  2. Any failure that results from an accident, customer abuse, normal wear, neglect or failure to

            operate the product in accordance with the instructions provided in the Operator’s Manual or other

            literature provided with the product.

  1. Pre-delivery set-up time.
  2. Operation of an engine with an incorrect fuel/oil ratio, air filter removed or speeds in excess of Solo

            recommendations (if applicable).

      g.   When an alteration or modification has been performed on a Solo product, Solo is responsible only

            for product as originally furnished by Solo Incorporated, provided the alterations or modifications do

            not adversely affect the product’s operation, performance or durability.

      h.    Parts or accessories that are incompatible with the product or not approved by Solo.

7.      Owner’s Obligation and Responsibility:


a.       Maintain proof of purchase.

b.       Should any failure covered by this Limited Warranty occur, deliver or ship the Solo product or parts

            to the selling dealer.

c.       The owner, if any, will pay freight, packing and insurance costs.

d.       Follow normal maintenance service, recommended fuel mixture (where applicable), lubrication,

            Operation and storage of the product as explained in the Operator’s Manual.

8.      Warrantor’s Obligation and Responsibility:


      a.   Repair or replace any part of the product manufactured by Solo and covered by this warranty that

            is defective in material or workmanship without charge of the parts.

      b. Upon receipt of Solo product under warranty claims, the servicing agent will schedule the

            warranty service according to normal repair work schedule and availability of parts.

      c.   If the customer does not receive satisfactory service from the servicing agent, the customer may

            contact the warrantor.

      d.    Solo reserves the right to inspect the claimed defective part or parts to determine if the failure is the

            result of a defect covered by this warranty.

9.      Filing Warranty:


Warranty claims should be filed through your assigned distributor. Warranty payment will be issued in the form of credit from your distributor. In the instance that a distributor is not assigned, file directly with Solo.

      Warranty Coverage on Parts Not Manufactured by the Warrantor: Parts or components not manufactured by the warrantor are not covered by this warranty. The respective manufacturer reserves the right of evaluation and approval for parts replacement under their warranty policy. Solo does not assume any other obligations or liability in connection with its products other than stated above, nor does it authorize anyone else to do so.  There is no other express warranty. Implied Limited Warranties, including those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the warranty period and to the extent permitted by law; any and all implied warranties are excluded. This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which vary, from state to state.          

Solo’s Warranty Program is intended to maintain customer satisfaction. Your

Suggestions and observations are welcome.

Call, write or e-mail:                  Solo Incorporated

                                                Attn: Warranty Claims

                                                5100 Chestnut Avenue

                                                Newport News, VA   23605

                                                Phone: (757) 245-4228

                                                    Fax: (757) 245-0800